Professional Development for Healthcare Providers in Identifying Labor Trafficking

The Enitan Story (TES) is pleased to announce the launch of professional development training for healthcare professionals in identifying victims and survivors of labor trafficking in Minnesota.

The deadline for clinics to sign up to participate in the project is February 28, 2019. Kindly send an email to if you have questions or are interested in getting more details before the deadline.

Labor trafficking is a hidden crime, and unfortunately, victims are more than likely to pass through healthcare professionals unnoticed. Identifying victims during that medical visit is crucial to connecting victims to community resources.Healthcare professionals in MN. Learn how to identify victims and survivors of labor trafficking during their clinic.

Community and Behavioral health clinics in the Twin Cities Metro area are highly encouraged to sign up for this professional training. With the training, clinic staff are able to get at least 2 Continue Education Credits (CEUs).

To participate, contact The Enitan Story today at before the February 28, 2019 deadline.

If your clinic is outside the Twin Cities Metro Area and are interested, kindly contact TES