The name Enitan means someone with a story or history. It is pronounced as any-ton. The Enitan Story came from Bukola Oriola’s story as a victim and survivor of human trafficking in the United States. Every victim of human trafficking has a story. The goal of The Enitan Story is to change their stories from bad to good by providing them with services and referring them to other resources available for help.

As a survivor, Oriola understands that there are tons of help that a survivor needs, including, but not limited to finding the right career path, getting medical assistance, getting the boost for building a business, parenting, education, learning and understanding the American way of life for foreign-born victims and survivors, and so on. At the Enitan Story, we are here to help bridge the gap a survivor may experience to get to the next level.

The personalities of Enitan are strength, compassionate, leadership, loving, generous, responsible, humble, charismatic visionary, socially conscious, idealistic, and creative. Therefore, we hope to use these personalities to change the lives of victims and survivors for the better.

In addition, we hope to help victims of domestic abuse because every victim of human trafficking suffers domestic abuse.

The Enitan Story is therefore a nonprofit dedicated to serving victims of human trafficking by advocating for them and referring them to available resources in their communities. We also strive to empower survivors through support group and mentoring to help them in their life’s journey to success.


To advocate for victims and empower survivors of human trafficking.


To join hands with the community, empower with knowledge to prevent our loved ones from becoming victims of human trafficking.